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Saving the Best for Last
Flower to Fruit Time

 Flowering Stage: Directions of Use


In the the growing to flowering stage, mix 20 ml (2-3 capfuls) of Aquanure Flowering Elixir with 1 liter (1 quart) of water at a 60:1 or close to it ratio.

Continue using the same ratio or increase Aquanure to 4 capfuls during the flowering stage of nutrient rich plants to help promote the development of additional flower nodes.


Apply Aquanure Flowering Elixir at every watering during the flowering stage to ensure continuous plant health and energy supply for fruit and seed production. ( Check out the article on What's in the water?)


By applying Aquanure from vegetative to flowering stage, it enhances plant health, leading to more flower nodes, ensuring abundant seed and fruit production potential.


Regular use of Aquanure Flowering Elixir during flowering results in elevated sugar ( brix) production by the plant. This increased sugar content transports essential minerals to fruits and seeds, contributing to better consumer health.


Aquanure's effect on brix content enables the efficient transport of vital minerals to fruits and seeds, promoting their nutrient richness and overall quality.


The improved mineral content in fruits and seeds translates to better health benefits for consumers, supporting their well-being and nutrition.  That's you and me !

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