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Delivery Service

We Like to Get Around

Aquanure stands out, with freshness being one of our differentiators. Each Aquanure bottle is labeled with a "Season Marker" date, ensuring that customers receive our product at its peak.

Our commitment to freshness goes further, we personally visit Ontario retail stores, recharging or exchanging expired products to maintain optimal efficacy.

What sets Aquanure apart is its recognition of the importance of microbial activity in enhancing plant health. Over time, this vitality diminishes. Aquanure's team is fostering relationships with our retailer partners, ensuring that every bottle sold is alive and fresh for their customers or online customers conveniently at their doorstep.

Although this retail store service is currently available exclusively in Ontario, Aquanure extends its reach by shipping across Canada. 

Linda, North Bay ON

"I gave all the plants Aquanure in early July. I now see greener tops on the tomatoes in 4 days

Jesse, R. Huntsville ON

" I cant believe how many more flowers showed up on my pepper plants, its crazy"

Kyle H. Richmond Hill ON.

"My Healing plants have more bud on it period!"
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