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Koi Fish
Koi Fish

Aquanure is created from Aquaponics systems, using fish manure. It is meticulously researched and developed to prioritize plant health, soil vitality, and environmental consciousness.

How it works


Staying fresh.

Aquanure stands out, with freshness being one of our differentiators. Each Aquanure bottle is labeled with a "Season Marker" date, ensuring that customers receive our product at its peak.

How to Use Our Products

Essential micro-nutrients and aquatic fulvic and humic acid blends combine to create the next level of plant nutrition.

Growing with Flowering Elixir

Watch as your plants bloom into their full potential with vibrant foliage, robust growth, and impressive yields.

Mixing and using Tweak

Premium organic fertilizer that will harness the power of ash to nourish and enhance your plants.

Using Ash Products

Aquanure's microbial products offer numerous benefits to plants, enhancing nutrient uptake and acting as a natural stimulant

Whether you're just starting your green journey or have a thriving garden, our premium Aquanure products are designed for plant rejuvenation

Aquanure Elixir blends aquatic fulvic and humic substances as a powerful elixir for hungry plants

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