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Aquanure Product
Aquanure Product

Elevate your soil build.  Enhance water retention for sustained plant nourishment. A natural mineral boost for thriving gardens.

Ash Products

Table of Contents

Remember, consistency is key! Incorporate Aquanure's Ash products and activated marinated biochar into your soil-building routine for long-lasting benefits. Your plants will thank you. Happy gardening!

Additional Note

How to use Ash Products

Step 1 - Assess Your Soil
Before diving into the magic mix, assess your soil's needs. Are you dealing with acidic or nutrient-depleted soil? Observing your soil's condition helps you determine the right amendments.


Step 2 - The Power of  FINE Hard Wood Ash
This natural wonder works wonders on plain soils. It contains essential nutrients like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, all of which nourish your plants and improve soil structure. Sprinkle the ash evenly over the soil surface.


Step 3 - A Trio of Soil Builders: Aquanure, Chips, and Chunky Ash
The ultimate dream team is here! Blend Aquanure, Chips, and Chunky Ash to create an impressive soil combo. Aquanure adds vital micronutrients, while Chips and Chunky Ash provide organic matter that enhances soil aeration and water retention. Your plants will rejoice in this nutrient-rich feast!


Step 4 - Marinated Biochar - The Secret Ingredient.  That's right marinated

This naturally porous-like substance has undergone a transformation, making it a champion in absorbing and retaining nutrients. Spread the marinated biochar evenly into the soil mixture for optimal results.


Step 5 - Thorough Mixing 
Time to work your green thumbs! Best to wear gloves for this one.  In fact maybe some protective stuff like a mask and eye protection too, Mix all the elements thoroughly, ensuring an even distribution. The activated biochar boosts soil biology, creating a lively environment for beneficial microbes to thrive.


Step 6 - Soil Transformation
Now that your soil is enriched with Aquanure's Ash products and activated biochar, get ready for a soil transformation! Nutrients become more available, water retention improves, and beneficial microorganisms flourish.

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