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Elevate your garden with Aquanure Elixir — a revolutionary blend of fish manure and oxygenated microbes. Promotes robust plant growth, boosts immunity, and revitalizes soil.

Flowering Elixir

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Did you know that Aquanure Flowering Elixir was concocted by a team of plant whisperers and magic beans enthusiasts? Your plants are in for a treat!

Fun Fact

After the horticultural shindig, seal the bottle but not too tight, its alive! (and) give Aquanure a cozy spot in a cool, dry place.


Aquanure doesn't believe in burning out – use it every time you water during the growing season. It's the "all-you-can-eat" buffet for your beloved plants!

When to use

How to use the Flowering Elixir

Step 1 - No need to stir up S&*t!

Gently shake It Up instead, close the cap tight first! Before opening into the odour explosion, give Aquanure a moment to breathe.

Step 2 - Dilution

Mixing time! For every 100 parts of water, add just 1 part of Aquanure (or rock a 100:1 ratio).

Step 3 - Shower Love on Soil

Pour the Aquanure-infused water onto the soil with a flair of romance. Your plants will thank you with stunning blossoms and luscious leaves.

Step 4 - Want superstar leaves?

Give 'em a leafy serenade! Spray the elixir gently on their foliage – they'll feel like they're in a botanical spa!

Note on Watering

Aquanure likes a chlorine-free "H2Ombiance." So, if using tap water, let it chill and degas – no chlorine parties, please!

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