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Aquanure Flower Elixir 1.89L



In nature, magic is everywhere! Aquanure holds that magic in a bottle. A meticulously developed blend of fulvic and humic substances, extracted through a ground breaking process involving fish manure and aquatic microbes. This distinct formulation of oxygenated microbes creates beneficial bacteria that promote robust plant growth, promotes healthy plant immune function,and rejuvenates soil health.


How to use

Step 1 - No need to stir up S&*t!

Gently shake It Up instead, close the cap tight first! Before opening into the odour explosion, give Aquanure a moment to breathe.


Step 2 - Dilution

Mixing time! For every 100 parts of water, add just 1 part of Aquanure (or rock a 100:1 ratio).


Step 3 - Shower Love on Soil

Pour the Aquanure-infused water onto the soil with a flair of romance. Your plants will thank you with stunning blossoms and luscious leaves.


Step 4 - Want superstar leaves?

Give 'em a leafy serenade! Spray the elixir gently on their foliage – they'll feel like they're in a botanical spa!


Note on Watering

Aquanure likes a chlorine-free "H2Ombiance." So, if using tap water, let it chill and degas – no chlorine parties, please!


When to use

Aquanure doesn't believe in burning out – use it every time you water during the growing season. It's the "all-you-can-eat" buffet for your beloved plants!



After the horticultural shindig, seal the bottle but not too tight, its alive! (and) give Aquanure a cozy spot in a cool, dry place.

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