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Tweak, a potent plant solution, is housed in a 250 ml blue glass bottle and combines soluble ash, iron chelate, magnesium sulfate, aquaculture water, and molasses for rapid nutrient delivery. Combat yellowing leaves, stunted growth, or weak stems with Tweak's precise blend, ensuring your plants receive the vital nutrients they need for a quick and vibrant transformation. This carefully curated mix guarantees rapid absorption and utilization of essential nutrients.


How to use

Step 1 : Identify Plant Signs

Keep an eye on your plants for signs of calcium and magnesium deficiencies such as yellowing leaves or stunted growth – cues that it's time for a dose of TWEAK!


Step 2: Dilution

Mix effortlessly! Use a 100:1 water-to-TWEAK ratio for a perfect elixir. Adjust the ratio for milder cases.


Step 3: Apply

Gently water your plant with TWEAK-infused water as a foliar spray or into the soil, letting the magic reach stressed roots.


Step 4: Observe Recovery

Sit back and witness the magic – greener leaves, perkier growth, and a vibrant plant!


Step 5: TWEAK as Needed

Continue until your plant bounces back. Adjust treatment length for different plants.


Step 6: Maintain and Care

After recovery, provide regular care. Remember, TWEAK is a great support, but your plant thrives with a little extra love!


Important Note:

Optimal results come with proper sunlight, water, and overall TLC. TWEAK is a support system, and your love makes it even more effective!

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