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Aquanure Product
Aquanure Product

Crafted for quick nutrient absorption, Tweak provides just the right charge needed in nutrient delivery


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For optimal results, ensure your plant receives proper sunlight, water and overall TLC. TWEAK is a fantastic support system, but a little extra love from you goes a long way!

Additional Note

How to use Tweak

Step 1 - Identify your Plant Signs
Keep an eye on your plants and watch for tell-tale signs of calcium and magnesium deficiencies. Look for yellowing leaves, brown spots, or stunted growth – these symptoms indicate your plant needs a little TWEAK!


Step 2 - Dilution
Mixing the perfect elixir is a breeze! Use a minimum of 100 parts water to 1 part Aquanure TWEAK (100:1 ratio) – you can go for a higher water-to-TWEAK ratio for milder cases.


Step 3

Gently water your plant with the TWEAK-infused water, allowing the magic to seep into the leaves as a foliar spray or water into the soil and reach those stressed roots.


Cationic Exchange Magic
Here's where the real magic happens! Aquanure TWEAK is designed to supercharge the cationic exchange in your plant's roots and foliage. It helps stressed plants absorb essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and iron, turning them into happy planters again.


Step 4 
Now, sit back and observe your plant's journey to recovery. As the TWEAK works its wonders, you'll notice the symptoms upside – leaves greener, growth perkier, and your plant looking as vibrant as ever!


Step 5
Keep TWEAK-ing until you see your plant bouncing back to its glory. Different plants may need different treatment lengths, so tailor the care accordingly.


Step 6
Once your plant has regained its strength, continue regular care to maintain its newfound vitality. Remember, a healthy plant is a happy plant!

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