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Aquanure is a very unique, naturally organic grow elixir developed by aquaponics farmers 
Plants and flowers thrive using the power of nature, holding key and vital elements from fish effluent (fish poop)
Aquanure creates unique blends of fulvic and humic acids, Dry Fine Ash and Inoculated Bio-Char for the most authentic grower.
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Ontario Proud
 "Standing By Our Local Roots"

Please look for Aquanure products at your favorite nearby stores in Ontario or Canadian online websites.

We're not close yet?
How about your door step?

Explore our delivery options for your garden plants, no matter the location

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Be part of an eco-friendly brand that prioritizes the health of your plants and the planet.

With consciously packaged products and a unique approach to organic growing, Aquanure  shows an option in sustainable practices.

By joining our community of growers who "get it," you make a positive impact and contribute to a greener future. Let's cultivate together for a better world.

If you " Get That" then join us,  Change is here.

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